classy journal piece 2.

so i have another topic i want to talk about, its my frustration on how sexual Hollywood is, its hard enough on teens girls has it is and to see so many stars that i once look up to be so sexual now and days it makes me sad like Rihanna i loved her when she first came out she was about the music now she just about the looks and being edgy and being overly Sexual on stage, Rihanna you don't always have to be like that you are a talented and gorgeous person you don't always have to parade yourself around. where are the role models who want to give a good message, the role models who keep their clothes on and and have class and respect for themselves. i think we need to class it up a bit quit shoving these images of these perfect girls with perfect bodies. to all the girls out there you dont have to be perfect you dont have to look like what they like look you dont have to pressure  yourself to be something your not. imperfection is beautiful staying true to you is beautiful.
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