My dream

so i got a little post today in my email this kid wrote to me and told me how much she loved my blog and that she says it inspires her because she wants to do a blog but shes not really good with writing i told her a secret i am not good at writing either i have struggle with it my whole life and im still struggling but i refuse to give up, i have another Secret that i told her i have a Learning Disability bad, i have always been ashamed of my add i always felt out of place weird its a secret nobody knows i haven't told ppl cause i don't want to be treated different i am normal just like everybody else, i am not telling you guys this to feel sorry or sympathy i am telling you this because this is my reason that i started my blog i want to show people cause you have a Disability doesn't mean you cant make your dreams come true, i will one day make my dreams come true i will show people i have what it takes to be what i want to be i will show the world not to feel bad for people like me but to be proud of the strength that we have to make it every day to say to people that they cant count us out i refused to listen to people who think i have my head in the clouds that i dream too big i will show the world what i made of and i will no longer be ashamed i hope this post inspire people and that no matter what you can reach your dreams.

and for the girl thank you so much it means alot this blog and post is for you :)
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