my journal piece

ok guys i have found out what i want to do my first ever journal on. i want to talk about the lace of ethnicity on the runway this fashion week, its make me sad to know that this type of thing goes on some of the biggest name in fashion like Dior, Calvin Klein are using just one types of model and to me that's wrong there should be all colors in every fashion show, the lack of color and i don't mean just black but all colors there should be more diverse models in fashion, in this society only one type of beauty is shown but there is to me beauty in every race, shape, and form and they should be seen on runways, billboards, magazine theres more then just one type of beauty, we should open up ours eyes and quit making excuses but to just plainly say some races don't sell is wrong, we really should stop the racial diversity and accept all model in every shape, color, and size.
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