i just want to say thanks to all the support im giving this is why im doing this, people have really appreciate my honesty and courage to say what i have to say, and i want to say thanks because of all the support its makes me feel not ashamed anymore, i have had the courage to tell people about my add and some reactions were ok and some were not but thats all right at least i did it and i know there are some people who know how i feel and i say to you keep your head up keep a smile on your face and keep being you no matter what people say theres nothing wrong with you just like theres nothing wrong with me. and if you feel alone dont there are people like me that care and understand you. despite losing some people in my life i refused to be let down i refused to give up and i shall continue my job of inspiring people for those who support me and have stayed with me this is all for you guys.
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