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i am almost at 3,000 you guys dont know how much this means to me im really happy right now you guys support gives me more courage and more confidence to continue thanks you guys :)

Kids choice awards part 2

here are my best dress at the kids choice awards.

Katy Perry look toned and gorgeous wearing Herve Ledger top and skirt
she completes

my next best dress is Kristen stewart who look stunning in a Orman top and shorts, a french braid and a gorgeous smile completed her look

                                                                                                             Selena Gomez was the picture of perfection again in this Oscar de la Renta top and shorts, flawless makeup and hair completed her look.

kids choice awards looks

hey my doves got the first pictures of celebrities
 walking the red carpet for the kids choice awards.

first we have Khloe Kardashian who looked stunning and showing of her new figure in a simple but chic white dress which she matched with white heels.
next theres Bella thorne who look really pretty in a silver dress which she paired with hot pink heels i adore her i think she looks amazing.
. and last we have Peyton List in a black cropped top striped skirt and pink heels i think she look gorgeous and chic.

Shoe porn

so i love love love shoes, and im going to show you guys the shows that will make a huge splash
 in 2013.

classy journal piece 2.

so i have another topic i want to talk about, its my frustration on how sexual Hollywood is, its hard enough on teens girls has it is and to see so many stars that i once look up to be so sexual now and days it makes me sad like Rihanna i loved her when she first came out she was about the music now she just about the looks and being edgy and being overly Sexual on stage, Rihanna you don't always have to be like that you are a talented and gorgeous person you don't always have to parade yourself around. where are the role models who want to give a good message, the role models who keep their clothes on and and have class and respect for themselves. i think we need to class it up a bit quit shoving these images of these perfect girls with perfect bodies. to all the girls out there you dont have to be perfect you dont have to look like what they like look you dont have to pressure  yourself to be something your not. imperfection is beautiful staying true to you is beautiful.

Lady dior

good morning my doves,and how are you got some dior goodness for you today Oscar winner Marion Cotillard is the face of dior and i can see why, she brings such class and Sophistication no wonder dior picked her.

how i will be when im famous

i just want to give little insight of how i be when i become famous im giving half my money to people with Disabilities im also going to remain myself i grew up poor i know the struggle i would do my best to help people that need it, i love all my fans i tell them every day how much i love their support and be grateful to many stats are so stuck up and feel they don't need their fans or feel they are too good for them i never act like its not about money or fame its about the people who believed in you who supported you, you cant forget them cause your rich and famous the people matter.

my journal piece

ok guys i have found out what i want to do my first ever journal on. i want to talk about the lace of ethnicity on the runway this fashion week, its make me sad to know that this type of thing goes on some of the biggest name in fashion like Dior, Calvin Klein are using just one types of model and to me that's wrong there should be all colors in every fashion show, the lack of color and i don't mean just black but all colors there should be more diverse models in fashion, in this society only one type of beauty is shown but there is to me beauty in every race, shape, and form and they should be seen on runways, billboards, magazine theres more then just one type of beauty, we should open up ours eyes and quit making excuses but to just plainly say some races don't sell is wrong, we really should stop the racial diversity and accept all model in every shape, color, and size.

need help

so i really want to start on my first piece on the person im going to write about but i really dont know who to write too plus im really nervous as i said before im not good at writing but i really want to do this cause i know writing hard for me but i still want to do it, wish me luck my doves

who wore it better

see each week im going to start a Segment of who wore it better, you guys will vote for who wore it better and ill showcase the winner at the end of the week.

our first who wore it better pair are Sky Ferreira and Rooney Mara.

sky who this Givenchy dress at the a show in Paris, she completes her look with berry lip and white heels.

Rooney also wore the stunning dress in Tokyo, she also paired the dress with white heels but went with a natural look.
so who do you like best punk rocker Sky or simple look Rooney


i just want to say thanks to all the support im giving this is why im doing this, people have really appreciate my honesty and courage to say what i have to say, and i want to say thanks because of all the support its makes me feel not ashamed anymore, i have had the courage to tell people about my add and some reactions were ok and some were not but thats all right at least i did it and i know there are some people who know how i feel and i say to you keep your head up keep a smile on your face and keep being you no matter what people say theres nothing wrong with you just like theres nothing wrong with me. and if you feel alone dont there are people like me that care and understand you. despite losing some people in my life i refused to be let down i refused to give up and i shall continue my job of inspiring people for those who support me and have stayed with me this is all for you guys.

rising model

so there is a rising model in the fashion world the lovely miss Virginia Petrucci, the striking model with red hair   porcelain skin and Deep green eyes, its no wonder shes a rising model,so keep a look out for this gorgeous model. follow her on twitter.

Emma Watson

Emma Emma Emma wow you have show the world you are not hermione anymore after giving a perfect performance in the perks of being a wallflower or your next raw performance in the Bling Ring. the British actress is all grown up and looking Amazing check out these photos of Emma in topless green Campaign.

thank you

thank you to maybeauty09 who tweeted my post on twitter this is why i do this this is why i made this blog to inspire people to reach people, to show people what i can do, this means so much to me if you have a twitter follower her and me thanks guys for all the support and i shall continue to do what i do. thanks for people giving me a chance thats all i want :)

big reveal later

dont worry guys i havent forgotten the big reveal :) later on tonight :)


i hope my post about my dream reach the girl who inspire me to wrote it i meant what i said i really just want to inspire people, if i get a chance i wont let people down i hope to open people eyes that a person with add or not can really change the world :)

Cara Delevinge overload part 2

got more shots of our favorite model doing what she does best for the new DKNY Campaign.

few looks

good afternoon my doves i have a few looks for you today.we have the lovely miss Thandie Newton in a vintage dress the actress look gorgeous as per norm. i love the bright red lips and those earrings.

second we have Olesya Rulin in Osman, this such a refreshing and chic look for me i love how she kept things simple letting the outfit do the talking.

last we Have Alexa Chung in Carven this is a new look we seen from the icon who loves more relaxed laid back look, i think its a great outfit but i hate the hair.


i have been thinking since i told you guys my secret i think i should fully Reveal who i am i dont want to be ashamed anymore its time for the world to see who i am................ tmw stay with my xoxo night :) just on a last note when i Reveal myself i have to say im not the prettiest person or the tallest person but what i do have is heart and i have a gift that i see only the beauty and the best in people when they see only the worse i dont have the best smile but i do have is a smile to say im your friend. its late i have to sleep night everybody :)

Fashion Journalism

going to reach down in my inner Fashion Journalism and write about my favorite Designers, models. and actress :)

Symone' Unique style : My dream

Symone' Unique style : My dream: so i got a little post today in my email this kid wrote to me and told me how much she loved my blog and that she says it inspires her bec...

My dream

so i got a little post today in my email this kid wrote to me and told me how much she loved my blog and that she says it inspires her because she wants to do a blog but shes not really good with writing i told her a secret i am not good at writing either i have struggle with it my whole life and im still struggling but i refuse to give up, i have another Secret that i told her i have a Learning Disability bad, i have always been ashamed of my add i always felt out of place weird its a secret nobody knows i haven't told ppl cause i don't want to be treated different i am normal just like everybody else, i am not telling you guys this to feel sorry or sympathy i am telling you this because this is my reason that i started my blog i want to show people cause you have a Disability doesn't mean you cant make your dreams come true, i will one day make my dreams come true i will show people i have what it takes to be what i want to be i will show the world not to feel bad for p…

Net a porter part 2

so here i have more looks from Net a porter enjoy them tell me which ones you like.


so like me you love all these designers clothes but they are a bit pricey but i found this great site with great clothes. i love all the clothes there its chic and
Stylish check out some of the clothes.

Keira KNightley

so got some new for all of you Keira Knightley fan the British actress will be playing coco Chanel in the short film by Karl lagerfelds. so keep a look out :)


Goodness Mariah Carey stunned in this Alexander Mcqueen her curves are on point and flawless hair and makeup. and Stunning earrings completed her look, wow shes hasnt look this good in a while.


vote for your best dress and favorite movie you are most excited to see this year.

Cara Delevingne overload

model of the moment Cara Delevingne is everywhere, wether she is modeling for dkny or goofing round on set Cara is def the worlds most hardest working model in the Indrustery.

looks for today

ok how Adorable does Kiernan Shipka looks in this Red Valentino dress, i just love her she always dresses so fresh, and chic but always age Appropriate i adore her lace heels. 

AnnaSophia Robb also looked cute in a Alice and Olivia striped dress, i love the pop of color via her green clutch and pink shoes.

last we have Vanessa Hudgens also in Alice and Olivia, the actress wore a bright yellow dress with gold strappy heels, i have to say i like this look better then her Naeem Khan look.

Marchesa for Modi

so Marchesa has become the latest collection to work with the Moda operandi they are selling some of Marchesa stunning gown for a lower price, check out the collection.