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disable kids are not freaks

ok i have to say this it makes me so mad when ppl make fun of disable kids i find it rude and insensitive disable kids did not ask to be born this way they just are that doesn't mean you can make fun of them just because they are different, i have a mental disability and i get made fun of horribly because of it but im tired of ppl making me ashamed, i think im a decent person and with a good heart im not going to let ppl make me feel horrible for something i cant control i am a normal person like anyone else i dont want to be treated differently i just want to be treated like any other person this is why i am starting my own charity to make ppl say there's nothing wrong with being different everyone is different i wont let ppl bring me down make fun of me as you will but i will rise up and overcome and i will show ppl that i am just like you and ill show that disable ppl have alot to offer like i do, if you support my charity just show this post around and lets get some awaren…

super sorry

hey guys sooo sorry i have been slow lately but i shall be up and running again tmw evening with tons of fashion news :)



morrrrrning :)

goood morning my doves i got a little fashion
 tidbits for ya.

Nieves Alvarez look stunning in Escada and Moschino. i mean can you see why i adore her 6 complete chic and different looks. and i adore all the shoes perfection as always.

which looks did you like.

Emma watson

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma Watson looks Hot on the cover of GQ for her new movies The Bling Ring. this has got to be her best cover yet she has shed her harry potter image i love it she looks great.

im back :)))

helllllllllllllo there my doves how are you
 im back i have fashion news for you :).

ok first to the plate is the lovely miss Stana Katic in Theyskens Theory, i must say she looks FABULOUS i love this look its edgy but effortless.

                              Emmy Rossum looks Darling in Temperley London, i think this 50s dress is cute and perfect for Emmy Rossum love the glossy hair.  

updates later today

so sorrry for being slow on the updates but i will update later on today i started college now and im just trying to get the swing of things :)

fashion intern

so i am trying to make one of my dreams come true and do a fashion internship anywhere i think that be a really great opportunity  for me, would love to show the fashion world that im really good at what i do, think if i can get a fashion internship anywhere it be amazing hopefully some day soon im working super hard and i shall keep you doves posted. :)

about that time :)

gooooooooooooooood morning my doves im back bright and early got a little fashion tidbits for you so enjoy.