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Fashion Collaboration

Looking to do a Fashion Collaboration. Why should I have all the Fun if you like to work with me and do some Fashion Projects please email me or txt me if you like I love to work with someone and have fun with this Fashion project.

My work Check it out.

So alot has happened and I wanted to keep everyone updated. I want to let everyone know what im doing i am a Fashion/travel Directior for Hot & Trendy Magazine you can go to their Website and check out my Work. I Recently Did and Interview with Sam Saboura Host of Something Borrowed Something new heres the link. New…New … and I have interview Miss Amber from Scene of Change. I Also do Hotel Reviews and Articles. and im Interview tons more. I urge every Fashion Blogger, Designer, Stylist , Hotel. Whoever to contact me and I be more than happy to Feature you on my Blog and magazine.

Hot & Trendy magazine Tv

Want to be on Hot & Trendy Magazine tv send me your best stylish outfits and be pick to be on tv. those chosen for best outfits will have be feature in the magazine and to be on Hot & Trendy magazine. send me you best outfits through my email and get discovered. :)