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Hello Fashion Lovers we have a Haute fashion blogger taking the fashion blog world by storm with her Sophisticated cool but modern polish style Bankè From A Style Diary is switching up the fashion game and I was lucky enough to get a interview with the Haute Fashion blogger and she gave me insight on her style, her outfits and her best fashion advice. Check out her website http://astylediary.com/


Describe your style?

Banke I'll say my style is pretty laid back, casual yet feminine. I usually opt for easy pieces that I can throw together without having to think or plan out. 


SDJ Whats inspires your style?

Banke I think the city or where you live influences your style a lot. London fashion inspires me and I'm also influenced by my African background. 


Whats your favorite outfit?

Banke I think it changes with seasons, I'm a tank top, jeans and heels kinda girl at heart. I also have a thing for a line midi skirts because they work well on me. 


Can you give your best fall advice?

Banke Brace yourselves, winter is coming! Ha. 

Transitional season fashion is sometimes tricky but Autumn to Winter is easier than Spring to Summer. My best fall advise is; make the pieces you invest in useful for winter. When I say invest, I mean the pieces you decide to splurge on. Winter is a much longer period, bearing in mind, you can revisit some of your spring pieces in autumn as they are quite similar seasons.

5. Speaking of fall, whats your go to outfit for fall?

Leather jacket, heavy knits, chunky scarves and ankle boots. That's like the perfect fall uniform right there.
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