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Haute Fashion Blogger. A Style Diary.

Hello Fashion Lovers we have a Haute fashion blogger taking the fashion blog world by storm with her Sophisticated cool but modern polish style Bankè From A Style Diary is switching up the fashion game and I was lucky enough to get a interview with the Haute Fashion blogger and she gave me insight on her style, her outfits and her best fashion advice. Check out her website


SDJ Describe your style?

Banke I'll say my style is pretty laid back, casual yet feminine. I usually opt for easy pieces that I can throw together without having to think or plan out. 

SDJ Whats inspires your style?

Banke I think the city or where you live influences your style a lot. London fashion inspires me and I'm also influenced by my African background. 

SDJ  Whats your favorite outfit?
Banke I think it changes with seasons, I'm a tank top, jeans and heels kinda girl at heart. I also have a thing for a line midi skirts because they work well on me. 

SDJ  Can you give y…

Favorite Guilty free Snack: Luna Bar.

Looking for a Delicious, guilty free snack to have to boost up your energy?  Try Luna Bar the Nutritious but surprisingly good protein bar that is also Gluten free and lucky for us Luna comes in a sorts of different flavors that you will love if you want to get a Luna Bar check out their website.

Dream Bag Collection

Hello there Bloggers Happy late afternoon, got another segment for you; this segment will be showing you My Dream bag collection just a list of bags that I dream to have one day.

Miss Symone's unique taste: Chic Outfits to steal.

Miss Symone's unique taste: Chic Outfits to steal.: Hello Fashion lovers got a batch of chic, wearable and Amazing Outfits you to need to incorporate into your looks ASAP. Nicolette Mason...

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Chic Outfits to steal.

Hello Fashion lovers got a batch of chic, wearable and Amazing Outfits you to need to incorporate into your looks ASAP.

Street Look Saturday.

Hello there Bloggers, Happy afternoon just wanted to give you a dose of amazing streets looks that have been gather over the week. I got different looks ranging from  Rihanna, to Chiara Ferragni check out their looks. 

Favorite Ice Cream: Magnum Ice Cream

Hey Hey Hey bloggers who's still awake? and is craving something smooth, sweet and sinfully Delicious? Well lets go and get some Magnum Ice Cream the most silkiest ice cream on the planet. Magnum ice cream comes in all sorts of goody flavors it should be illegal. If your like me and cant really decide what flavor you want check out their website that should help you decide, Hey if your going to be up late might as well have a late night treat.

Dream Hotel to Visit: The W Hotel.

Hello there everyone got a late night post for you and its another dream hotel segment hope you don't mind there are so many hotel I love to see, but in the Seattle area(which is around where I live) there are tons of Hotels I love to have a Chance to stay in.

         Like the W Hotel a hip and trendy hotel in Downtown Seattle, the W Hotel is the best to impress local admires with its cool refined room with stunning views of the city and the fact its a walk from great local attractions like the Seattle Art  Museum and Pikes Place Market check out their website.


Hey guys I hope I have been doing my best with blog and if you guys want to give me feedback on how I can do better just Msg me or tweet me on my twitter

Dream Hotel to Visit: Hotel 1000

Hello Fashion Bloggers I am doing a different post today to show that I am not just a fashion blog I am also a travel, entertainment blog as well I want to cover everything on this blog, so I want to talk about the hotels I dream of going to and staying one day and I want to share my list with you.

My first Dream Hotel to stay in the luxury Downtown Seattle Hotel 1000. The beautiful contemporary Hotel is minutes from the Pike Place Market  and Pioneer Square, with a Gorgeous spa, a nice eatery and a full bar Hotel 1000 is the perfect Hotel to stay in if your  in Seattle. check out their website

Emily Ratajkowski Style Crush.

Hello Fashion Lovers We got a new style crush and she has been killing the red carpet lately. Emily Ratajkowski Model/Actress has been promoting her new movie We Are Your Friends and She has been displaying her killer style on every stop its hard to choose just one has my favorites so I choose a few of my favorite looks Emily has rocked.

Stomp Models seek Talents

we are currently seeking Models/Actors for Music Videos and TV Commercials (no experience Required) Ages 16+ only - Just send pictures & contact details to :-) Thankyou x
Stomp Models famous Talent agency is looking for Talents for Music videos, TV Commercials and much more if you are interested please check out their website and fill their form out. so if you are an actor model, or dancer check them out now.

Alyssa Couture Eco Friendly Fashion.

Hello Blog lovers! got an exciting fashion brand on the rise for you to check out. Alyssa Couture will soon be the brand everyone is going to want to wear, its chic, causal, and Eco friendly. Alyssa has made a line that's is comfortable, confident and effortless go to her website and check out the cool clothes.

Kristen Stewart Showing a more Girlie Side.

With American Ultra in Theater this Friday, Kristen Stewart has been busy on the promo tour and whats catching everyones eyes is the fact she is showing a more feminine side and its not often she shows that side of her and I am loving I am have been waiting for Kristen to show of her soft side and I chose three of the best looks that I love from her promo.


2. .

sporty chic

sporty chic by jacksonstacey featuring a black rucksack Unicorn top
$6.25 -

Adidas denim short shorts
$50 -

Converse vintage white shoes

Black rucksack
$23 -

Urban chic


Come Join me At Haute and Trendy Magazine

Calling all Fashion Lovers, Bloggers, Writers, Actors, Everybody want to come join me at a Amazing opportunity? come join me at Haute and Trendy Magazine(that's where you will find all my other work) they are always looking for fresh new faces to come join our team interested? you can either email me (Jacksonstacey0@gmail)for more info or check out their website  and Email Diana and Patrica yourselves!!

Net A Porter looks 1.

Hello It feels good to do a post and I got some uber cute outfit from Net a Porter to share with you guys today so enjoy!