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Haute Jewelry: LA CLE Key Necklaces

Hello Fashion Lovers I got a Haute new Jewelry that's making Keys the Hottest and must have accessory of the season. LA CLE are the genius behind these  stylish keys combine with a powerful message to always be yourself LA CLE is quickly seeing themselves on every Fashionista radar and Why not these quirky but chic keys will look good on anything. want to get your hands on this season hottest new item then go to their website and check them out.

Haute App: Fabric the app.

Hello Fashion Lovers I got a cool new app to show you and this one could be the most Hautest App I have came across, Fabric the App is a app that is all about Shopping using Hashtags, all hashtags are contributed by the users and its becoming a cool, fashion and fresh idea to shop for outfits just choose your hashtag and shop. There are endless possibilities  and idea you can use with the app to get all you outfit and shopping ideas. Check out their Website and Sign up for the App.

From their #Wishlist.

Fashion Interview: Fashion Business Owner of FutureFashion Ayesha Siddequa

I had the great pleasure of Interviewing Ayesha Siddequa.

Fashion Interview:Ted Redmond BlueDot Register

I had the Pleasure of Interviewing Ted Redmond Founder/Owner of BLUEdot register.

Fashion Interview: Sayam Kochar of Techpacker!

Hello Everybody check out my Interview with Co-Founder & CMO Sayam Kochar of Techpacker. Techpacker is a super cool new Fashion app.

Fashion Interview: Hasmik Matevosyan

Hello Everyone, Hope all is well with Everyone I know I again been quiet but I have been a busy little Bee for Alternative Fashion Media a anews/media platform, that promote and support the fashion industry. I have been interviewing Prominent names in Fashion right  now and I have a few Interviews To share, check out this Interview with Fashion writer, Designer Hasmik Matevosyan.