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The Church Palace.

Hello Bloggers Got another Travel post for you this time we are going to a 4 star hotel located in the beautiful Villa Carpegna in Italy and draws its inspiration from the historic  Renaissance building, This charming hotel offers their guests Gourmet Dining, coffee lounge and a large auditorium combine with their comfortable suites makes The Church Palace the place to stay. Want to book a room check out their Website.

Haute Resort: CrusinArt Golf Resort & Spa.

Hello Bloggers Happy Afternoon a Haute Resort for you and this one is an Award winning Beachfront that is causally sophisticated and perfectly located on the curve of Rendezovous Bay. CrusinArt Resort offers the ultimate Caribbean experience, with their Luxurious Villas and suites guests can also enjoy stunning beaches and Gourmet Dining. CrusinArt is all about relaxing and give their guests the best experience possible and they certainly deliver the best, want to book your stay check out their website and see what they have to offer you.