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Must Have Coffee Cake: Frannie Franks.

Hello and Good evening bloggers and I have a Must Have Coffee cake to share with you. Frannie Franks has been making homemade and yummy coffee cakes for years and they have been a huge hit in the Kansas city that they were voted the worlds best Coffee cake in the world. if you want to get some of the worlds best coffee cake and learn more about how they can to be then check out their website.

Haute Cakes: Crunkcakes.

Hello and good evening everyone I have a Haute Cake to share with you. Crunkcakes is all about having your cake and eating it too with a little shot of booze as well, Crunkcakes is a DC based cakes that are making high quality cakes that are infused with alcohol for the perfect adult treat. if you want to get your hands on these yummy cakes check out their website.

Haute Cupcakes: Original Cupcakes.

Hello and good evening bloggers I have another Haute Cupcakes to share with you. Original Cupcakes is a Vancouver based bakery that is making fresh, retro and Delicious cupcakes that are preservative free. Original Cupcakes are the perfect idea for any event. if you want to get some of these yummy cupcakes check out their website.

Haute Martini: Persian Martini.

Hello Bloggers and late good afternoon I have Haute Martini to share with you. Persian Martini is a ready made Martini that is made with natural ingredients and Persian Martini promises that the drink embodies grace, elegance and bold flavor. if you want to learn more about this drink or want to get your hands on it check out their website.

Haute Magazine: Duchess International Magazine.

Hello Bloggers and good afternoon I have a Haute Magazine to share with you. Duchess International Magazine is a Fashion, lifestyle and Inspirational Magazine that focus on the different levels of success  with women from all types of background and how their experiences shaped into who they are today Duchess International Magazine is all about the strong, confident, and Determined women everywhere. If you want to check out the magazine and learn more got to their website