Top 5 Spas to Visit.

Hello and good evening bloggers I have some of the worlds most luxurious Spas to share with you.

The first Dior spa in Asia opens at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong:
This is the first Dior spa in Asia at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.  
Italy, Rome, Prince Spa:
enjoy this breathtaking spa at the Prince Hotel in Italy Rome.
Hotel Deal Checker - Paradise Point Resort & Spa:
Paradise point Resort & spa  stunning and luxurious Spa will surely be on everyone wish list.
An unwinding massage at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore Spa:
Unwind in the stunningly relaxing massage room at the Ritz Carlton Bangalore Spa.

Spa of the week – Evian spa at the Palace Hotel Tokyo:
Want something Ultra Modern and luxurious at the Same time? then go the Evian spa at the Evian Spa Palace Hotel in Tokyo. 

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