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Zee Dlamini Glam presidential inauguration Dress.

Hello and good afternoon Bloggers I have Glam post to share with you. Zee
From the Fabulous Blog GlamChicq8 was invited to go to the presidential inauguration for Taiwan 1st  female president, Held at the Taipei Marriott hotel, Zee Dlamini chose the perfect dress to celebrate the big day wearing a stunning pale pink satin princess dress made by o'muses  she carried a traditional Indian clutch  from Bombay India, Zee Dlamini simply accessorized with a black choker and her makeup was inspired by Arabian nights. Zee Definitely pulled out all the stops for truly an Amazing night cant wait to see what more looks she will put together in the Future. 

Must Have Snacks: Pipsnacks.

Hello and good late afternoon Bloggers I have another Must Have snack to share with you. Pipsnacks  are the perfect popcorn snack to have anytime of the day they are gluten, vegan free as well as all natural and whole grain. If you want a tiny popcorn that pacts a big taste then check out Pipsnacks

Haute Restaurant: Silvercity Restaurant.

Hello and good late afternoon bloggers I have a Haute Restaurant to share with you, Silvercity Restaurant is one of Silverdale  award winning restaurant that serves some of the best Beers and burgers in  Silverdale if you want to go to a restaurant with good food and creative look then go to Silvercity Restaurant check out their website