Hair Trends for men that will Define 2017

Hello my Fashion Mavens, the year is almost up but that doesn't mean we dont have your daily dose of Fashion news for you. The last couple of posts we had talk about fashion and trends now while those things are important to know some people have wondered but what about the hair? are there any trends for the Hair and the answer well of course got the list of the biggest hair trends that will make a serious impact  in 2017.

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Want something funkier and it more outgoing then Try coloring up your hair, add some spice to your look your  adding some colors or splash some gold to give your look a fun and funky modern update. 
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Of course the most Classic hair trend is the longer hair, you can go with any look with the longer hair its all in the matter of  your style if you want to rocker cool or sleek. you can do anything with the longer hair and make it yours. 

Image result for texture on top hair
one of the biggest trend of  2016 that will spill over to 2017 is the short hair with texture on top, this easy and laid back is perfect for those who are consistently on the go this is the style for you.


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