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Top 3 Men bloggers You need to know.

Hello my fellow Fashion Mavens, I have some very important Fashion bloggers who are helping switching up the fashion game, We all know of well known female bloggers like the Blonde Salad, and Man repeller  but what about the Men bloggers who are helping expand the fashion world to new heights? Well we got the list of the men Fashion bloggers you need to know and follow.

If you want sophisticated style but with affordable prices then  look no further than to Dappered, this blog helps show you where you can find great looks without spending too much for all your mainstream clothes here.

Justin Livingston for the super polished Blog Scout Sixteen also made the list because of his way to describe pulling outfit together in a informative way that helps his readers to really sink their teeth into the fashion and articles.

My Next loggers epitomizes effortless cool style with ideas for next minimal
outfit than Tommy Lei is the guy to follow, Tommy's Modern style has a dash of whimsy whic…

Menswear goes bold this winter.

Hello my Fashion mavens, hope your keeping safe and warm this winter but sleek or snow we are here to give you your daily dose of Fashion tidbits. As the temperatures continue to lower everyone looking to bundle up and stay as warm as Possible but for those who are want to look warm and stylish we gather a few ideas to help you get inspire for your next winter outfit.

Hair Trends for men that will Define 2017

Hello my Fashion Mavens, the year is almost up but that doesn't mean we dont have your daily dose of Fashion news for you. The last couple of posts we had talk about fashion and trends now while those things are important to know some people have wondered but what about the hair? are there any trends for the Hair and the answer well of course got the list of the biggest hair trends that will make a serious impact  in 2017.

Top 3 Must Shop at stores in Seattle.

Hello my fellow fashion lovers, today I have another food for fashion tidbit to share with you. In Seattle you can find almost any type of food, activity, music and of course cultures from all different walks of life and because of all that you can bet you can find all types of fashion as well men and women of Seattle are putting the city on the map thanks to the many different looks and style you can find on the streets of Seattle, but where can you find all these great pieces that all the Seattle is wearing? well I got the list of the top three shops where you can all the clothes you need to help you blend right in Seattle.

First on our list is one of Seattle personal favorite for all the quirky needs, Monster Art & Clothing is where you go if you want clothes that are trendy, quirky and effortlessly chic you cant go to Seattle and Not stop here to one Seattle funkiest clothing stores.

Who doesnt love to work and out and look good while doing well of course Seattle got the shop …